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12 things you need to say in your job interview

Young woman smiling and holding resume while sitting in front of a manager during a job interview.
12 things you need to say at your next job interview. Source: Getty (dragana991 via Getty Images)

Job interviews can be scary - not to mention a little awkward. Oftentimes we don’t know what the right thing to say is, or what the interviewer actually wants to hear.

But there’s one thing that remains constant: preparation is key.

One simple way to prepare is by learning certain phrases, and making them your own, according to career experts at online resume-creator

Here are 12 phrases you can learn easily and adapt to any interview.

Before the interview

You need to make a good first impression, and often that begins before the actual job interview.

If a recruiter or the hiring manager calls you to discuss the interview, try to include the following statements:

“I was so excited when I learned this position was open”. Showing excitement from the role helps you stand out from other candidates, career expert Vicki Salemi said.

“I’ve worked in this field for…” This pitches yourself to the recruiter, and helps you look like a stronger candidate.

“I really liked how your company (give an example of the company’s achievement).” Saying this shows you’ve done your research about the company, and care about its goals.

During the interview

This is the time to be clear and concise, and ensure you’re given the job.

“Here’s how I can help your company”. This shows how you will bring value to the company. It’s likely the employers will ask you a question along these lines anyway, so it’s good to come prepared with an answer.

“I have experience with (something from the job description).” According to Salemi, using keywords and phrases from the job description shows hiring managers “you speak the company’s language”, which makes you a more attractive candidate.

“So, what you’re saying is…” Active listening shows you are paying attention, and want to understand your interviewer.

Ending the interview

It’s all over, rover. Or is it?

Saying the following phrases will make sure your interviewers remember you.

  1. “What are your thoughts on me as a candidate?”

  2. “This job sounds perfect for me because…”

  3. “I want this job.”

After the interview

While you’re waiting for a response from the hiring managers, it could be a good idea to follow-up with them via email so they know you’re keen for the job. It’s also another opportunity to make a good impression.

You can start by saying: “Thank you so much for taking the time to talk today.”

If you feel like you need a reason to send the email, you can always link them to your LinkedIn profile, or a portfolio of your work by saying, “Here’s a link to my…”

If you think you’ve forgotten to say something, try saying: “Something I wanted to mention is…”

Good luck!

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