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9 best facial massage tools to sculpt and de-puff skin

·8-min read
They’re a quick fix to adding a calming touch to your daily regime first thing in the morning or just before you head to sleep (iStock/The Independent)
They’re a quick fix to adding a calming touch to your daily regime first thing in the morning or just before you head to sleep (iStock/The Independent)

Everyone deserves a bit of TLC and what better place to find some than in your skincare routine with a facial massage tool?

It’s fast becoming a growing sector of the skincare sphere, with jade rollers, gua sha, contouring wands and electric devices leading the way.

We’ve spent the past two months putting a series to the test and have narrowed it down to the top nine, starting from just £16 and ranging from manual tools to electric devices.

It’s important when massaging skin with one of these tools to keep in mind that they won’t dramatically change your skin health, but instead are focused on feeling soothing, relieving tension and reducing build up of fluid that can sit on the jawline and neck, known as lymphatic drainage.

They’re a quick fix to adding a calming touch to your daily regime first thing in the morning or just before you head to sleep, so up ahead you’ll find the very best, whether you want a firm or gentle massage that’s manual or electric.

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You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

The best facial massage tools 2021:

  • Best overall – Nurse Jamie uplift facial massaging beauty roller: £55,

  • Best for jowls Sarah Chapman the facelift: £30,

  • Best budget roller The Body Shop oils of life revitalising facial roller: £16,

  • Best gua sha Hayo’u jade beauty restorer: £38,

  • Best for anti-aging Foreo bear app-connected microcurrent facial device: £279,

  • Best face roller – Yu Ling Rollers jade facial roller: £26,

  • Best face massage tool Dior prestige le pétale multi-perlé massage tool: £80,

  • Best luxury roller RéVive révolve contouring massage roller: £115,

  • Best for puffiness MZ Skin germanium contouring facial roller: £59,

Nurse Jamie uplift facial massaging beauty roller

Best: Overall

This double-sided roller is perfect for a light massage on sensitive or redness-prone skin. The bright purple colours are very fetching and the nodules gently roll over skin. You can reach all areas of your face, even into crevices on the side of your nose and right up until your under-eye skin. It has an immediate cooling effect but quickly warms up, but as it’s a manual device, it can easily be popped in the fridge ten minutes before use for a refreshing fix.

Buy now £55.00,

Sarah Chapman the facelift

Best: For jowls

This painful-looking contraction doesn’t hurt in the slightest but does deliver a much firmer massage along the jawline, sides of the neck and just under your cheekbones. Due to its design, it’s too firm to be used, or to reach, your forehead, chin or under-eyes. However, if you hold a lot of stress in your jaw, or are a perpetual jaw clencher, this works wonders to relieve any tension. While it can be used on dry skin, we’d recommend applying a face oil, or cleansing balm first to make it a much smoother surface to roll the 72 nodules across.

Buy now £30.00,

The Body Shop oils of life revitalising facial roller

Best: Budget roller

Perfect for soothing tight jaws and sculpting cheeks, this budget-friendly roller offers a gentle massage, with a slight tightened effect as you roll it along the skin. It’s the most compact roller we tried, and is only the size of our palm, so it won’t take up much room on your bathroom shelf. It was easy to keep this by our bedside and make it a daily habit as we laid in bed, and if you find puffiness bothers you the most, this is an ideal quick fix.

Buy now £16.00,

Hayo’u jade beauty restorer

Best: Gua sha

With its roots in Chinese medicine, gua sha is an effective tool for facial massage, and gives you the ability to control exactly how much pressure is applied. It’s very thin and flat and is designed for its sides to be touching the skin to smoothly draw it up your face. The green jade is a deliberate choice, as it’s long been a symbol of status, spirituality, purity and health in Chinese culture. You can also press and hold the tool under your eyes and we found this a real joy to use every morning and we were quick to make it part of our skincare routine.

Buy now £38.00,

Foreo bear app-connected microcurrent facial device

Best: For anti-aging

As the only electric device we tried, this innovative design works via the Foreo bear app, where you can pick a treatment and its length, firmness of massage and control everything from your smartphone. It’s aimed to tone and lift skin with its five different intensities of pulsations and micro-current technology that can be used on the jawline, cheeks, neck, and forehead.

It’s small but chunky, and setup takes a few simple steps. It will need charging for a minimum of an hour before use, but it comes included with a stand so you can plug it in and leave it on its own. As a result, you are unable to use it straight away, but we found it provided an opportunity to plan a few minutes of self-care ahead of time. It has a vibrating sensation with a slight tingle, which can be increased for a stronger feeling.

Buy now £279.00,

Yu Ling Rollers jade facial roller

Best: Face roller

As one of the most popular facial massage tools, the jade roller, like the gua sha, hails from ancient Chinese medicine practices and is a fool-proof way to introduce massaging into your skin routine. It’s self-explanatory to use, simply roll over skin using the larger end for bigger areas such as cheeks and jaw, and the smaller one for under the eye and around the temple.

Our top tip would be to put it in the fridge ten minutes before you want to use it to give it an instant cooling effect that works wonders for headaches. It encourages lymphatic drainage, so with regular use will help reduce puffiness.

Buy now £26.00,

Dior prestige le pétale multi-perlé massage tool

Best: Face massage tool

For a touch of pressure with a luxe-looking instrument, this tool from Dior ticks all the boxes. While we can admit it won’t make much difference to the look of your complexion, it is very relaxing and soothing. Perfect for use in conjunction with your favourite serum or oil, it has tiny “pearls” that roll 360 degrees and a wide, spoon-like head that allows you to reach all areas with ease. It promises to help speed up your product’s absorption rate, but we particularly loved using it with oil on our oily skin as it left us looking glowy rather than greasy, without excess oil caught up in the beads or on our hands.

Buy now £80.00,

RéVive révolve contouring massage roller

Best: Luxury roller

This roller is much more luxe but has a similar approach as The Body Shop’s model (£16,, with two heads that roll across the skin. It was great at lymphatic drainage – where fluid gathers around your chin and jawline and while it may look similar, it’s twice the size and double the luxuriousness. It’s more weighted and has a luxe silver look that does a good job of keeping it cool. If you have the budget to splurge, this is a real treat for the skin.

Buy now £115.00,

MZ Skin germanium contouring facial roller

Best: For puffiness

Luxury skincare brand MZ Skin is the brainchild of oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Maryam Zamani which offers an extensive range of serums, moisturisers, treatment sets and tools. We loved how luxe it felt thanks to the gold colour and the velvet drawstring bag it comes with really helps to keep it clean in between uses. The acupressure pods glide over the skin like butter and how much pressure you apply is solely down to you, but we found we didn’t need to apply any oil first to help it roll over skin smoothly and it made for a refreshing morning pick-me-up when skin looked a little puffy.

Buy now £59.00,

The verdict: Facial massage tools

We loved how fuss-free the Nurse Jamie uplift facial massaging beauty roller was to use and it rolled smoothly over skin without irritating any redness or sensitivity. Being able to control the pressure is a helpful feature in making sure you’re not overdoing it.

If you’re shopping on a budget, then we’d strongly suggest giving The Body Shop oils of life revitalising facial roller a go for its lovely tightening effect and compact size.

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