Australia markets closed

10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Jack Derwin

What a week. Here's the final act.

1. Israel Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges overnight including bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. The conservative PM is accused of giving gifts and positive media coverage in exchange for government concessions, but has slammed the whole thing as a political "witch hunt" -- perhaps channeling friend Donald Trump.

2. Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell is eyeing an Australian expansion, announcing new stores are to open in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne. While seven Queensland stores are already in operation, the chain has twice failed to penetrate the NSW market, hampered in part by various lawsuits. This time, though, it seems that nothing can stop the chain most famous for such mildly inauthentic creations as waffle tacos and chocolate quesadillas. Bienvenido!

3. On Thursday, Victoria issued its first Code Red fire warning in nearly a decade as bushfire warnings spread across six states. It was a crazy day as 115 year heat records were broken in parts of the city, before a cool change saw temperatures plummet in the afternoon. Not to be outdone, Sydney's air quality dropped to one of the worst in the world, as smoke inundated the city.

4. With Westpac alleged to have broken the law some 23 million times, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suggested the bank's board consider getting rid of CEO Brian Hartzer. A number of directors will be up for re-election at the Westpac AGM later this year, opening the door to some major personnel changes if Australia's second-largest bank isn't seen to be correcting course.

5. Mining magnate Twiggy Forrest has committed to helping build one of Australia's biggest solar farms but, unsurprisingly, it's the brainchild of another government -- Singapore. The Sun Cable project will transport the energy from the Northern Territory 3,800 kilometres underwater, in what Forrest says has “enormous opportunities not just for reducing emissions but also for the economic march of our nation”. He joins Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes and others in the hugely ambitious project.

6. The Victoria's Secret fashion show is officially cancelled. The annual event has been broadcast since 1995 but has been cancelled at the last minute this year as the powerful lingerie brand considers a major overhaul. It comes amid tanking viewership, with audience numbers dropping by two-thirds in just five years.

7. Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was helping Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law, design a Middle East Peace Plan. If that's not one of the most bizarre sentences you'll read today then how about this one: Neumann also sat down with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis. This is all according to Vanity Fair which has done its own deep dive on the embattled office space company and the strange way it was run under Neumann's stewardship. A testament to that: 2,400 employees were just laid off.

8. A major league Spanish football player has been arrested on suspicion of running a drug cartel in his home country. Sergio "Koke" Contreras Pardo played for Malaga, Granada, Sevilla, as well as Houston throughout his career but was arrested along with 19 others after police seized a ton of hash, firearms and more than $1 million. Considering his nickname, it's a bit of a surprise that no white powder appears to have been found.

9. Google and Facebook threaten human rights, according to Amnesty International. In a damning new report, Amnesty argues that because Facebook and Google scoop huge amounts of personal data from their users, their business models effectively depend on constant surveillance. Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg "fundamentally disagrees" with the assessment.

10. A price hike of Apple products might have just been averted. A tour of an Apple's factory concluded with Donald Trump suggesting he would make Apple, which relies on several key Chinese parts, exempt from US tariffs as part of the ongoing trade war. It's a win for the tech giant, given it only had to spend $18 million lobbying the Trump administration to get the result.

Bonus item

There was talk earlier this week of Apple going into the smart glasses game. We don't know exactly what those look like but we can guess how they'll work. Here's a run-through from our US team of $US600 pair that already exists. The future or a gimmick? You decide.