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10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

James Hennessy

Happy Tuesday.

1. Uber has lost its licence to operate in London, one of the company's biggest markets globally. London’s transport regulator said Uber was not “fit and proper” to hold the licence, thanks to a “pattern of failures” relating to fraudulent drivers using the service. Transport for London said it found evidence of unauthorised drivers using different accounts and picking up passengers in cars they aren't registered to drive. Uber has 21 days to appeal the decision, during which it can continue to operate. It's a pretty significant blow for Uber, and the second time it's been pinged by the London regulator. Let's see how they manage to wriggle out of it this time.

2. Westpac boss Brian Hartzer will step down in the wake of the money laundering scandal enveloping the bank. It's been alleged Westpac violated anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism laws more than 23 million times in just five years – possibly leading to the flow of money for child exploitation in southeast Asia. "The Board accepts the gravity of the issues raised by AUSTRAC," Westpac chairman Lindsay Maxsted said in a statement.

3. More on the unfolding Chinese espionage story. According to an investigation by Nine, the man who allegedly tried to install a Chinese agent into Federal Parliament also made a multimillion-dollar offer on a company which operates out of a CSIRO technology hub.

4. A new poll by progressive think thank The Australia Institute has found a majority of Australians don't believe political advertising on social media should be allowed. The debate has been less pronounced here than in the US – thanks to a very public spat between Facebook and Twitter over the issue – but it's clear we've still got feelings about it.

5. You've almost certainly seen it by now, but if you haven't: the new Uber Eats ad in Australia stars both Kim Kardashian and Magda Szubanski. We can speculate on how this particular team up came to happen, but I think we all know the answer is 'bucketloads of money'. Magda reprises her role as Sharon Strzelecki from "Kath & Kim", with Kim standing in for... Kim.

6. Elon Musk wants to put these spurious rumours about the structural integrity of the Cybertruck's windows to bed. He's posted a new video of engineer Franz von Holzhausen tossing a metal ball at the truck – perhaps slightly gentler this time – without obvious damage, unlike during the presentation. Good news for those out there who intend on driving one through an active war zone.

7. With a big new launch inevitably comes issues. Following reports Disney Plus logins were being sold off on password sharing sites after the US launch, some Aussie users are facing the same problem. Disney tells us there hasn't been any security issues on their end, and the problem is likely thanks to people using passwords which were compromised in the past.

8. To make you feel worse about the measly number of profile views you're getting on LinkedIn, the company has revealed some of the most viewed profiles in Australia. It's the first 'LinkedIn Spotlight' in Australia, and it specifically highlights users from some of the platform's fastest growing industries, like government, health and wellness, construction, higher education, and healthcare.

9. Boeing has very, very quietly unveiled a new version of the 737 Max. You can probably understand why they haven't gone for the fanfare on this one. The company showed off the 737 Max 10, the largest version of the Max yet, at a small event attended mostly by employees. Despite its reveal, the planes are still grounded, and aren't expected to fly until 2020.

10. It may shock you to learn WeWork's new marketing chief, Maurice Lévy, wasn't particularly keen to take the job initially. “To be extremely honest with you I rejected the idea at first,” Maurice Lévy, the 77-year-old chairman and former CEO of advertising giant Publicis, said in an interview. He said he only expects to stay a few month – enough, he hopes, to turn the ailing ship around.

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