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The 10 Best Female Life Coaches to Follow in Australia

Coaching as a career is trending, and many people find hope and direction to fuel their goals through a life coach’s guidance.

The 10 Best Female Life Coaches to Follow in 2021

Middle L to R (Katie D, Carol Johnston-Mollica, Julie Thompson) Left T to B (Dr. Kim Brown, Elizabeth Houghton, Anna Garcia) Right T to B (Justine Dean, Tia Paenui, Victoria Gilbert, Deborah Dickinson)
Middle L to R (Katie D, Carol Johnston-Mollica, Julie Thompson) Left T to B (Dr. Kim Brown, Elizabeth Houghton, Anna Garcia) Right T to B (Justine Dean, Tia Paenui, Victoria Gilbert, Deborah Dickinson)
Middle L to R (Katie D, Carol Johnston-Mollica, Julie Thompson) Left T to B (Dr. Kim Brown, Elizabeth Houghton, Anna Garcia) Right T to B (Justine Dean, Tia Paenui, Victoria Gilbert, Deborah Dickinson)

SYDNEY, Australia, March 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We would like to thank the team at Authority Sharks for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Here are The 10 Best Female Life Coaches to Follow in Australia.


Rightfully deserved, our first selection, Carol Johnston-Mollica is the co-founder of Mindset Mastery NLP, the fastest-growing training company in Australia, alongside her husband, Luke. Carol is an Internationally Certified Trainer & Coach of NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis. Carol facilitates courses to certify students as NLP & Time Line Therapy ® Practitioners, NLP Coaches, and Hypnotherapists on a global scale.

Carol uses her intrinsic skills to facilitate better relationships and bring out the best in her students and clients. Her gentle yet direct approach is what sets her apart from other coaches and trainers. Carol’s programs create a heart-centered approach to training & coaching. Students are taught in a way that, once certified, they walk away confident & successful in their own right as coaches, speakers & facilitators.

According to Carol, “Everyone who works with Mindset Mastery NLP is Transformed for Life”.To learn more about what Carol and her amazing team have to offer, visit Mindset Mastery NLP

Our Second Selection, Katie D - Mindset Coach, is the founder of Katie D Coaching, and The Sisterhood - a women’s community for support and connection. Katie D helps women strengthen their mindset and build self-love when in need of serious change and growth in their life, through her two-day ‘Transform Your Mindset’ Bootcamp, as well as running monthly Sisterhood Circles. The TYM Bootcamp gives women the tools and confidence to be able to face their fears, which allows beautiful changes into their world.

Katie D spends these 2 days getting women to understand what is holding them back and provides a life-changing breakthrough experience, which results in women improving their self-care, stronger boundaries and discipline, a higher emotional intelligence, as well as having some solid goals to work towards. Click here here to join Katie D’s growing community on FB - The Sisterhood and for more info on the 2 Day Bootcamp.

Our third selection, Julie Thompson, is the founder of Advanced Mind Academy, an education and training organization that qualifies, certifies, and assists coaches worldwide. Julie’s team offers training & certification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Life Coaching & Business Coaching to help individuals, professionals, and existing coaches to gain the knowledge, tools, and qualifications they need to succeed in their coaching career. Julie utilizes her 20 years of business experience to help coaches build successful 6 & 7-figure businesses by teaching them foundational coaching business principles. If you are an individual or professional or an existing coach looking to upgrade or refresh your knowledge or perhaps upgrade your team’s skillset, feel free to get in contact with Julie’s team. Simply visit Advanced Mind Academy. Julie and her team are dedicated to raising the coaching industry’s standard by providing outstanding ongoing support for their fellow coaches.

Our fourth selection, Dr. Kim Brown, is a globally recognized Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Coach offering NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy® certification courses both in Melbourne and online. Kim also provides 1:1 customized coaching globally and helps her clients remove the genealogical baggage that is passed down through the lineage to create a future of their choosing without the limitations imposed by past generations. Kim helps her clients remove the beliefs of not being good enough and not being worthy so they can invest more time and energy into their future endeavors without the weight of the past on their shoulders. “Kim has a firm but fair approach.” If you are looking to “transform” your life, contact Kim here.

Our fifth selection, Elizabeth Houghton, is the founder of Sutton – Full Potential – a global clarity coach who supports high achievers from traditional backgrounds find what they love doing and build a career out of it - without guilt. Elizabeth ‘empowers you to believe in yourself and guides you to connect with your wants and desires and move through inspired action.’ Elizabeth will support you through the process of breaking free from social and familial norms, removing limiting beliefs, and how to create inspired actions towards turning your BIGDreams into a reality.

Elizabeth Houghton also offers free monthly webinars to get you started on your journey through her Free Facebook Group.

Our sixth selection, Anna Garcia, is a Law of Attraction coach who has coached clients worldwide since 2011. Anna specialized in the Law of Attraction and the nature of thoughts after an experiment with visualization put her incurable illness (Systemic Lupus) into remission without medication. Although Anna's programs focus on female entrepreneurs, they have also helped men, doctors, psychologists, stay-at-home moms, and countless others. Anna takes them from “feeling vulnerable and directionless, to being confident and laser-focused by connecting to their inner guidance.”

“I help clients transmute problems, not fear them. We look for approval and security outside of us, yet we don’t realize our very DNA is infinite intelligence. We have a powerful guidance system within.” Anna's free handbook '5 Fundamental Mistakes in Manifesting,' can help you fine tune your manifesting.

Our seventh selection, Justine Dean, is a Canberra-based Coach and Mentor to Professional and Entrepreneurial women who are impacted by Impostor Syndrome. She provides highly personalized online 1:1 coaching as well as a 6-month group coaching container. Most people believe Impostorism is exclusively a workplace issue; however, symptoms also directly affect relationships, parenting, and well-being. Her work is about dispelling the myth that we are not good enough and living our lives without worrying about what others think.

Justine believes that deep personal work is about asking questions no-one else has dared to ask and empowering her clients to trust themselves. She is well known for being very direct while providing safety, compassion, humor, and encouragement. Justine helps high-achieving women beat their symptoms of Imposterism, unlocking innovation, creativity, motivation, confidence, and fulfillment. Justine can be found on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and on her website.

Our eighth selection, Tia Paenui, is a proud descendant of Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi hailing from the Maori tribe of Whanganui, NZ. Her strong cultural links form the foundation of her pronounced intuitive & insight gifts, the basis of her coaching business. Tia is progressive in self-development & growth, as head coach for Mindset Mastery NLP Join I Am Committed & mentoring clients from “suffering to wholeness” as a Grief Empowerment Coach.

Her mission is to liberate humanity to embrace death as the next phase in our life’s journey. Offering an emotional & spiritual breakthrough working across modalities from NLP, TimeLine Therapy ®, Modern Hypnosis, Breathwork & Energetics to partner clients into conscious expansion. Client’s experiencing this kind of breakthrough have completely changed their perspective on grief & death, achieving a place of celebration & reverence for life. To contact Tia, click here.

Our ninth selection, Victoria Gilbert, is an Entrepreneur, philanthropist & the visionary behind Affinity Corp Australia & its subsidiaries. A transformational Life Empowerment Mentor who gets to the point, yet is heart-centred, Victoria brings her experience of victim-to-victor into her sessions. Victoria believes “no matter what is done to you...nothing can define you but you!” Navigating her clients through businesses, lives, and emotional hurdles in her 10-week 1:1 program “Revitalised Life”, Vic helps her clients find their authentic selves so they #shinefromtheinside, sparkle brighter to become better versions of themselves.

Her work guides clients through doors they fear most, releasing limiting beliefs, and unlocking their full potential. Victoria’s ethos: “why be a half cup empty or full when you can be a cup overflowing & share that with the world?” Vic’s authenticity and life experiences can always be felt as she genuinely does everything from the heart. Learn more about Victoria Here

Our tenth selection, Deborah Dickinson, is a Mindset Life Coach and the founder of Deborah H Dickinson Coaching. She helps people increase confidence to make positive rapid changes to move forward.

Deborah says "as we move through life we build up a suit of armor that no longer serves us, my Remove Your Armour program, is perfect for people wanting to move out of overwhelming, stress, and burnout to be more confident and empowered knowing that the life they have desired is possible." If you're wanting to Remove Your Armour click here. Deborah's clients describe her as being sensitive, warm, and a dynamic trained professional.

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