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The 10 Beauty & Skincare Brands to Watch in 2021

Boost Media Agency

The 10 Beauty & Skincare Brands
The 10 Beauty & Skincare Brands
The 10 Beauty & Skincare Brands

Melbourne, Australia, Jan. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the abundance of beauty products on the market and more brands emerging every single day, the choice of which product to choose can be overwhelming, to say the least. Choosing the right products for your skin is more important than ever, and many well marketed products appear harmless on the surface, however one look at the ingredients label will leave you thinking otherwise. According to Boost Media Agency, finding the right product for your skin is not just vital for its beauty, but it’s health and vitality. So, how do you know which products measure up, and those that don’t? Look no further than these 10 beauty and skincare brands.


esmi Skin Minerals - (@esmiskinminerals)

Evette Hess has proudly introduced Australia and the rest of the world to a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free skincare and cosmetic products that address many types of skin concerns. Providing a solution consumers can trust, esmi Skin Minerals is the brainchild of Evette Hess, and it is the first skincare company to use 100% Australian probiotics produced in the country’s first and only eGMP/TGA certified facility. Evette's work with esmi Skin Minerals has brought many incredible products to the market, including serums, cleansers, masks, eye treatments, SPF, foundations, and so much more. These are products that target a wide range of skin concerns that many people struggle with. People seeking beautiful skin place enormous trust in esmi’s products because they’ve been proven to make a true difference in people’s lives. Of course, Evette’s journey as an entrepreneur hasn’t been easy, but she’s the proud founder and owner of a successful brand that’s 100% Australian made. esmi’s skincare and cosmetic products constantly deliver what they promise, to provide customers with all the high-quality skincare products they could possibly need to achieve the skin they’ve always dreamt of.

real-u - @realu

Differing from anything else on the market, real-u deals with the root cause of acne - not just its superficial symptoms. Passionate about all things skin and beauty, real-u was founded by Ebony Ilsley, an experienced skincare professional with over 20 years of experience. "Firmly rooted in science, real-u is a results-driven range committed to providing essential products that effectively target problem skin without compromising its health,” she says. Most acne products contain harsh and damaging ingredients, such as Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, that are known to strip, burn and damage the top layer of the skin. Treating acne-prone skin this harshly actually damages the skin’s protective system - prompting the oil glands into overdrive to compensate, which often makes acne so much worse. The skin then becomes weak, damaged and far more likely to breakout. The brand’s Australian-made, patented marine-complex salt, however, has revolutionised the way we can deal with acne-prone skin. This compound’s ability to deal with the root cause of acne means the unique 3-step system contains a no-nasties formula that works with your skin to help regulate oils, clear acne, all whilst simultaneously rebuilding the health of your skin. The brand hasn’t looked back since launching, and after using their products, we’re sure you won’t either.

Grace Cosmetics (@grace_cosmetics)

Abbigail Paludan has made it her business to create a skincare and cosmetics brand that provides products that are cruelty-free and recyclable. This way, no one has to feel guilty about their beauty. Grace Cosmetics is 100% committed to using botanical and natural ingredients in all their formulas. This is why the products are highly effective and they’ve been proven to change skin cell function, which provides long-lasting results people are actually able to notice. Abbigail is passionate about helping other people find more natural skincare and cosmetics options. The main ingredient they work with at Grace Cosmetics is organic Aloe Vera, unlike other brands whose main ingredient is water. This high content of Aloe Vera is what sets these products apart and allows them to restore the health of the skin. They work perfectly for problem areas not just to reduce the signs of aging, but also to reduce other imperfections. Grace Cosmetics has been on the market since 1984 and it’s a family-owned, Australian brand that has become well-known and loved thanks to the incredible products they put out there. More than that, they’re known for their values. In addition to being cruelty-free, natural, organic, and green, they also have their own charity, Light of Hope, that works towards empowering people all over the world.

Eve’s Skin - (@evesskin_australia)

Mariam Elhouli is a 31-year old mother of 5 who decided to start a small skincare company from her dining room table and it has grown into a very successful business. Eve’s Skin is an Australian skincare brand that focuses on providing 100% vegan, organic, and hand-made products that are aimed at all skin types, specifically sensitive and problematic skin. As a woman who cares about her skin, Mariam realized that we don’t always know what we’re putting on our skin. In fact, this is one of the biggest problems in the skincare industry. It’s not always clear what kind of ingredients are being introduced to us and for what purposes. With Eve’s Skin, she aims to change that and provide women with products they can actually trust. Her skincare line makes high-quality vegan and organic products available and affordable to anyone. Endorsed by Australian and international celebrities alike, these products will refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate the skin without causing any long-term issues. None of the products introduced by Eve’s Skin contain added preservatives, harsh chemicals, dyes, or fragrances, making them perfect for everyone, but particularly people who struggle with sensitive and problematic skin. These are skincare products that truly make a difference and reduce the damage that other products have made.

Dope Skin Co - (@dopeskinco)

Have you ever just wanted ridiculously dope skin? Well want no more. Dope Skin Co is the revolutionary Australian hemp skincare brand delivering exactly what its name suggests. Founded by a Sydney-based couple with three young children, the brand was born out of their desire to nourish and rejuvenate their bodies using nature's best botanical ingredients. Their search for natural remedies brought them to the holy grail of super plants, hemp! If you haven’t yet tried products with this super ingredient, we only have one thing to say to you and that is, what the hell are you waiting for? Society is only now embracing the fact that hemp is beyond beneficial for the human body. Its rich antioxidant properties and essential fatty acids neutralise free radicals, boosting skin health and elasticity, making it the perfect skincare ingredient. Dope Skin Co’s products make great use of this magic ingredient, working to repair stressed, dehydrated and dull skin to restore that youthful glow we all crave. Those with sensitive skin will also benefit from the range, as the anti-inflammatory properties help calm irritation and inflammation. It can’t get much better, right? Well actually it can. All of Dope Skin Co’s products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and are hand-made in small batches enriched with nature’s superfoods, all to hydrate and nourish your face and body with nothing but the best, most powerful natural ingredients.

No Face Dermaceuticals (@nofacedermaceuticals)

No Face Dermaceuticals is an innovative skincare brand that unlocks the power of natural ingredients to target universal skincare problems. People of all skin types will find an effective, safe, and simple solution to their problems with No Face, because they offer a wide range of clinical treatments and skincare products that will actually deliver what they promise. No Face is proud to be a part of the skincare industry, and they thrive on making sure their products are the best of the best. Their wide range of products are highly customizable not just by customers, but also by skincare professionals. No Face understands there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to skincare issues, so they make sure customers can tailor the products they need. The formulas for all No Face products contain the most precious natural derivatives, which have been proven to benefit the skin. This is a highly innovative brand that not only allows customers to mix and match products to fit their needs but also constantly upgrades their products based on the latest research. No Face does not rely on harmful ingredients because they promote healthy skin, which is why their products have become so trustworthy and well-known.

Bache De Mar - (@bachedemar)

Renee Alyce is an innovator and a pioneer in the skincare industry. Born in Australia, she shook the skincare world with Bache De Mar’s anti-aging skincare line made from sea cucumber collagen, something no one has ever done before. She had discovered that sea cucumbers possess incredible regenerative, anti-aging, and healing properties, and realized the potential of launching a unique product that would harness all these properties. Renee is no stranger to skincare-related struggles. Spending so many years of her life in the Pacific Islands took a toll on her skin, which was very damaged due to sun exposure and an unforgiving sea climate.
After experiencing the miracle of the sea cucumber collagen on her own skin, she decided to bring this gift to others around the world. She returned to Australia with a mission. Today Bache De Mar’s anti-aging products are among the best on the market. Renee works hand-in-hand with a team of scientists that focus their research on sea cucumber collagen for advanced cosmetics, tissue regeneration, and medical purposes. This makes Bache De Mar’s skincare products not only miraculously effective, but safe for all to use.

Zeke Skincare - (@zekeskincare)

Meet Zeke Skincare, a forward-learning company that focuses on simple and effective skincare routines. Derived from the Hebrew name Zeke, meaning “God will strengthen”, the brand has a mission to fulfil. That mission is to provide confidence to customers through skincare solutions that actually work. Made with top-tier quality, each product brings people closer to a healthy and glowing skin they're looking for. Zeke Skincare is a New-Zealand based company that uses locally sourced ingredients that add to the effectiveness of their skincare products. The brand takes the viewpoint that confidence comes from within, and with this in mind have found a way to bring people’s confidence to the forefront through their skincare, thus improving their lives tremendously. Perhaps the most outstanding thing about Zeke Skincare is that it provides products suited for all skin types, so every user will benefit from the power of Zeke’s skincare products. It was important for founder, Simon Spencer Xu, to launch a skincare line that represents an exciting transition toward stigma-free skin products throughout the country. Zeke Skincare’s products include a moisturizer, a face scrub, and a hydration mist that simplify everyone’s skincare while still providing everything the skin needs for a more beautiful complexion.

Maxwell Skincare - @maxwellskincare

Taking a modern approach to skincare, Maxwell is the first and only men’s skincare start-up that aims to match up specific skin types to antioxidants proven to help. Men primarily focus their attention on eating well, exercising and their social lives, leaving skincare to fall to the wayside. Focusing on the direct-to-consumer market, Maxwell launched with their first skin type, normal-combination skin. Packaged in specific doses, each kit includes the Moisturizer, Exfoliant and Cleanser that will last users three months until their next box ships.
“I’ve always been interested in nutrition, intense exercise and supplementation. Plenty of guys focus on this, but neglect to treat their skin in the same way. After buying a smoothie with a ‘wellness booster,’ I realized there was a market for taking that same antioxidant approach towards men’s skin,” says Maxwell’s founder, Colin.
Once he realized antioxidants could and should be personalized for your skin as well as for your body, he partnered with a cosmetic lab to research unique ingredients, and test out specific antioxidants for skin types. After two years of testing dozens of iterations with men, they launched their first three products. Everything from the product branding and design to the four key ingredients shown on the front of the bottle were formulated to show guys what works for them. Maxwell takes a ‘do it for me’ approach for any man who doesn’t get skincare, but wants to take care of his skin.

The Jojoba Company - @thejojobaco

There’s a reason that jojoba is unlike any other oil, because it’s actually not one. Jojoba plants actually store liquid wax in its seeds, and it’s this wax that is so beneficial to us. As it shares the same molecular structure as human skin’s natural wax, our skin is more receptive to receive its many nutrients and antioxidants. The Jojoba Company makes great use of this plant, providing it in pure liquid form, or infused throughout its many skincare products, including a range for oily and acne prone skin. Now, we can practically hear you screaming ‘but why would you put oil on oily skin?’ Well because of its similarities to our natural wax esters, jojoba ‘oil’ restores the skin’s balance, and helps it to behave as it is designed to do. Using only the purest jojoba, the brand actually harvests wadi wadi jojoba from their own family owed farm in Australia, which they extra virgin cold press, and then filter fourteen times for absolute purity. With a hundred and one uses, from moisturising the skin, softening it before shaving and even aiding the healing process of cold sores, jojoba oil is definitely a staple for your beauty bag. And with The Jojoba Company ensuring they remain carbon neutral, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, as well as having the best jojoba oil out there, you really can’t go wrong!

Make sure to follow each of these amazing beauty brands, as they continue their rise in 2021. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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