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10 Aussie jobs set for the highest employment growth by 2023

(Photos: Getty)
(Photos: Getty)

Employees around the world are understandably getting anxious about their jobs being inevitably phased out by our robot overlords – but that’s still a while away yet.

In the meantime, there are demographic shifts underway, such as an ageing population, greater demand for housing and infrastructure thanks to population pressure, and an increasing number of school and university students.

According to data from the Department of Jobs and Small Business, these are top 10 occupations that will see the biggest projected employment growth in the next five years:

  1. Carers and Aides

  2. Sports and Personal Service Workers

  3. Health Professionals

  4. ICT Professionals

  5. Food Trades Workers

  6. Hospitality Workers

  7. Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals

  8. Health and Welfare Support Workers

  9. Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers

  10. Specialist Managers


And the jobs which are slowly dying? The data suggests personal assistant and secretariat roles will see huge negative growth as sales workers and machine and stationary plant operators see their jobs replaced by technology.

Social and market research leader Mark McCrindle advised young people to factor these projections into account when planning university subjects and career paths.

On the job hunt: these are the industries enjoying the biggest growth

If you’re a student and have no idea where you should direct your ambitions, or even if you’re looking for a total career step-change, consider these four industries, which are slated to make up two thirds of total employment growth by 2023:

  1. Health Care and Social Assistance

  2. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

  3. Construction

  4. Education and Training

“I would look for a job that involves interaction with people. Jobs relying on people skills, creativity, and which require advanced decision-making will be in demand,” McCrindle said

On the other hand, job prospects are looking bleak if you work in the following industries, which are projected to see negative or minimal employment growth:

  1. Wholesale Trade

  2. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

  3. Manufacturing

  4. Mining

Declines in wholesale trade are due to the fact that consumers are going straight to the source and cutting out intermediaries. This, combined with price comparison websites and online shopping are shaking up the traditional sales supply chain.

And though the growth in mining jobs seem to be minimal, they’ve been enjoying something of a comeback in the last few months.

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