1. $VXX Remember, this wasn t up nearly as much as it should ve been last week. It has some catching up to do, perhaps even beyond today.

  2. $VXX sold my $25 calls, now if only the rest of the portfolio was doing as well today...ouch

  3. $SPY http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=SPY&ty=l&ta=0&p=m $vxx $XIV Spy MONTHLY 🍀

  4. $VXX and I m in 28 Puts now. expecting some settling down after this morning.

  5. $VXX bought March 29 Puts

  6. Friday alerted team on this block >> $VXX 6000 1.1x Usual Fri 2/26 23.0 Calls (Wkly) $3.83 ..up 7%

  7. I bought $LABD and $ UCO and NuGG , $VXX, $TVIX and $UVXY. Making up 50% of FANG losses sans NFLX.

  8. $VXX Out at 28.10-sold early to go to the beach, up 70 cents, good luck everyone.

  9. $VXX buying 27 puts weekly here, expecting a nice surge very soon. .74c

  10. $VXX Call me Mystic Mac :D

  11. $VXX off to the lunch and the gym... absolute best wishes to all who remain.. for the record still bullish.. though less so.

  12. $VXX it is funny when people argue. calling it a day. my indicators get less trust worthy late in the day. more false signals = more stress

  13. $NEON $SPY $VXX You just said the same thing as me, bozo . Hey, u a clown or just a dunce. lol...well, except MC, sure, but aft it s smalls

  14. $SPY $UVXY $TVIX $VXX It s the Khloe capitulation!

  15. $SPY $UVXY Khloe has stopped telling UVXY holders to sell, this could be a signal that a top in UVXY is near. $TVIX $VXX

  16. $NEON $SPY $VXX actually its the other way around; junk is a writeoff; margin calls etc = sell FANG and the like

  17. $NEON A lot of folks have to call uncle on their smaller cap investments to pay for losses in biggers, $SPY down huge, $vxx rising

  18. $VXX Bloomberg now talking about possible global contagion.

  19. on the radar...everything $GLD and $VXX :) ha

  20. $VXX crap... my charts just died... wth.

  21. $SPY $VXX Make sense ? :)

  22. $SPY Yeah, u got it now, Wall Street s DEAD, too. That s why even QE4 now is just throwing caution to wind...Point where morale MATTERS $VXX

  23. $SPY $vxx #MAKESENSE ? :)

  24. $SPY $vxx Or, I mean, not dead, as in lifeless, blue, but, we re dead psychologically, now, hike, Xmas morale, China, Europe. Make sense ?

  25. $SPY $vxx FED HAD TO (raise rates), Wall Street deathly tied to that, too, &, it WAS WORST DECISION EVER...Even with QE4, we re DEAD in pit