3. $SPY $UVXY $XIV $STUDY $VXX interesting article on market vs election cycles https://gbr.pepperdine.edu/2010/08/presidential-elections-and-stock-market-cycles/

  4. $UVXY $TVIX $VXX so is this chart saying W for win or is the left shoulder still holding - currently I think W - they just won t let it drop



  7. $VXX (-0.85%) went same direction as $SPY (-0.08%) today. $VXX Mindmap updated http://www.marketmindmaps.com/vxx/


  9. Obama Admin, Fed Laud Economic Growth, Consumers Disagree $DIA, $SPY, $QQQ, $VXX http://www.livetradingnews.com/obama-admin-fed-laud-economic-growth-consumers-disagree-5896.html#.V04gj5ErKM8

  10. 3 Years Of Painful Cuts To Bring Serious Oil Crunch http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2016/05/31/3-years-of-painful-cuts-to-bring-serious-oil-crunch $SPY $SPX $QQQ $VIXY $IWM $VXX $SQQQ $TVIX

  11. $VXX in AH at $13.46. $XIV

  12. Market Remains Skeptical Of June Rate Hike http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2016/05/31/market-remains-skeptical-of-june-rate-hike $SPY $SPX $QQQ $VIXY $IWM $VXX $SQQQ $TVIX

  13. Repost: A history of $UVXY reverse splits. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3978638-history-uvxy-reverse-splits I think this is a good contextual resource piece. $VXX $XIV $SVXY

  14. $UVXY $vxx $spy $iwm get to work, Mr Yellen. Futurez must be deep green all night and stawx must be up at least 1% tomorrow. No pullbacks.

  15. $UVXY $TVIX $VXX $VIX its a leap year 😜


  17. #MacroScan: strongest #preferred $PFF weakest #volatility $VXX fastest #nasdaq $QQQ slowest #gold $GLD

  18. $UVXY $TVIX $VXX $VIX June seasonality.

  19. $AAPL $NKE $MU $IWM $VXX $SPY $VIX $MRO how we traded downside/levels & options volume analysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-40UofuUvs&feature=youtu.be

  20. $spy, $vxx, $xiv, $uvxy, $tvix VIX Daily Update: Volatility Bounces Off 2016 Low http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/vix-daily-update/-

  21. $dia, $spy, $qqq, $vxx Stocks Lower, Dollar Higher ahead of Jobs Data http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/stocks-lower-dollar-higher-ahead-jobs-data/

  22. $VXX is a scam.... Las Vegas is more legit

  23. $VXX I guess even Brexit won t move this. I am lowering my target to below $10. No position

  24. $SPY, $SPX,, $UVXY, $TVIX, $VXX Volume precedes price. As mentioned last week. only a matter of time before price follows $STUDY

  25. $VXX $XIV $SVXY $TVIX $UVXY Short-term VIX futures closed @ 16.203 (unchanged).