1. {NEW POST} 7/25/16 Market Analysis: $SPY $SPX $SDS $SPXU $VIX $VXX $UVXY - click the link >> http://www.thetradinganalyst.com/single-post/2016/07/25/72516-Market-Analysis

  2. $VXX your twit is sure oh boy lol

  3. $VXX how will this play out by EOW after Fed meeting on Wednesday? No definite date on rate hike expected.. But if announced.. Ohh boy

  4. $SPY crazy that $vxx $uvxy is down so low

  5. $VXX $VIX but it will go to $14 before ggoing to zero

  6. $spy $spxl $spxs $sso $sds $vxx $xiv $tlt $vix $spx Prep for stocks to drop, but likely buy the dip ~2120-2100 SPX. EquitySurge.org

  7. A lot of people who appear to be putting money into $VXX don t seem to know how $VIX futures work. Calls do pay but its designed going to 0

  8. $SPY $VXX $UVXY why would they say something overvalued if they own them

  9. $SPY $VXX $UVXY at this point any hint from the Fed about Sep/Dec tightening or perhaps stocks being overvalued might lead to a decent PB

  10. $vxx, $spy, $qqq, $dia, $oil US Stocks Follow Oil Prices Lower http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/us-stocks-follow-oil-prices-lower/

  11. $vxx, $xiv, $uvxy, $tvix, $spy VIX Daily Update: Volatility Rises as S&P 500 Retreats from Record High http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-

  12. $VXX Your only hope here is European banks crashing and a systemic failure ......US markets look well bid. This goes lower near term.

  13. Volatility ETFs to Consider During the Calm Before a Storm http://www.etftrends.com/2016/07/volatility-etfs-to-consider-during-the-calm-before-a-storm/ $VIXY $VXX $UVXY

  14. $VXX Good numbers out of the Semis tonite.......Market will have a strong bid tomorrow. This will break 10.50 soon......


  16. $VXX $XIV $SVXY $TVIX $UVXY Short-term VIX futures closed @ 15.670 (+0.6%).

  17. $VXX $UVXY $TVIX $VIX Not very crazy when front month futures contract started the day 30% above spot.

  18. $VXX $UVXY $TVIX $VIX vix up 8% but uvxy down???? How crazy is that?

  19. $VXX $UVXY $TVIX volatility spikes on bad earnings AH

  20. $VXX Seriously WTF price action for $VXX for god knows how many days.

  21. $VXX again. Know what you own.

  22. $VXX what a POS

  23. $VIX SMASH!!! don t fight the market bears. Just short the pops when the time comes. $VXX $UVXY $TVIX

  24. $VXX what a disaster volatility is.

  25. $VXX Reverse Split coming.....