1. $VXX My order of 9 May w 39-40 short put spread executed at $0.39. I also have a short 2 May w 40-41 put spread. This will stay above $40.

  2. $VXX Keep a eye on the intrinsic value(nav) of this puppet. Remember tvix a year ago, thing imploded over three days.

  3. $VXX $VIX Long Vol. This is a gift at 13

  4. $VXX - FYI - markets closed tomorrow - 42 calls look to expire as worthless

  5. @TraderMK that s good too ... i ve made some good money selling the 41 s and 40 s in the past ... dip, sell put, $VXX rises, close, repeat

  6. @TraderMK: $VXX $VIX looks tempting to go long here. i d sell puts if anything

  7. $VXX $vix looks tempting to go long here.

  8. $VXX Love my Sep 30 puts from earlier this week.

  9. $UVXY still has the potential to be shredded evn more between now and the close IMO. $VXX

  10. $VXX - stuck in a tight range here - guesses on the direction of the move out of this range? The weekly calls at strike 41 - no premiums

  11. $ES_F $SPY $VIX $VXX volatilityETF actually viable for swing longs,here just under 42(As long as you dont plan on holding more than 2 weeks)

  12. So far $RSX and $VXX $GLD telling us that Easter bunny will not bring us world war 3 Ukraine edition...

  13. $VIX WOW...VIX at 13.58! There is ZERO fear out there $VXX $UVXY

  14. $SPY $QQQ $TLT $VXX Monthly OPEX - those jockeying for downside have never met a mkt so tilted toward premium erosion

  15. $VXX - textbook 46 to 41


  17. $VXX - http://y.ahoo.it/NjdSFbGB - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 42.106. Time: 6 days 20 hours. Volume: 210,325,892.

  18. $ES_F $VX_F $SPY $VIX $VXX volatility ETF setting up for buys (around 42) $VIX daily chart has inverse H+S,and 60 min bullish falling wedge

  19. Pre-Market Activity: $SPY +0.05% $VXX -0.09% $TLT -0.23% $USO -0.21% $UNG -0.16% $GLD -0.18% $SLV +0.26%

  20. @JFinDallas $VXX will take all your money - it s for the quick couple day or hour trades

  21. @outsideday: $UVXY nice little 3M in the AH re: $VXX

  22. $VXX - sold long - neutral

  23. If you are using $UVXY as a market hedge you are wrong, and if u keep averaging down into it you will go broke, it s not an index hedge $VXX

  24. $SPY $SPX $TLT $VXX Yellen s speech: http://y.ahoo.it/d7Mm953x

  25. Will take profits on $XIV today 3-4% — as well as $VXX puts, 40% profit. Closing similar profitable trade $XLV. Strategy working perfectly.