1. $VXX /

  2. @Jinweb $DGAZ $VXX spammer. Wife is Russian gas field share holder and a lawyer. Stop ur Russia crap and ur spamming

  3. @GJN: @Jinweb Hey Jun spammer $VXX $DGAZ go eat ur overseas voodoo posting. Spammer all warning warning

  4. $VXX Down big on the open on Thursday

  5. $uvxy $vxx It s almost time to buy them. I m waiting for vix 11.75 ,or S&P 1920-1925 to load up the truck.

  6. $VXX - wacked in A/H down to 40.65... no love 4 sho

  7. Wow, molasses all day for 2 tech titan reports after the bell. $SPY $QQQ $VXX

  8. $IBM $SPY $VXX buffet algos running wild.

  9. Just bought another 40000 shs $TVIX @ 6.316 avg. $VIX $VXX

  10. @Lach14 - Yup locked in gains on $VXX and just watching now, how about u ?

  11. $VXX There we go, finally some action

  12. $IWM closed out weekly puts from yesterday. Still short via $VXX calls.

  13. $VXX - http://y.ahoo.it/Xd3FTFOO - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 41.156. Time: 1 day 23 hours. Volume: 37,559,959.

  14. Suspect of the $QQQ dip when the $VIX $VXX not even moving

  15. $VXX - sold all calls on VXX that expire this week - no position

  16. $VXX Still no fear in the market, priced for perfection

  17. $VXX 183,973 $ 41.07 (08:22:10 AM) $ 40.91 (08:52:21 AM)

  18. Pre-Market Activity: $SPY -0.09% $VXX +0.15% $TLT +0.24% $UNG -0.08% $GLD +0.23% $SLV +0.16%

  19. @nabilose: Better load up on $VXX tomorrow is gonna be rough $GILD $ISRG rough on $gild ? It had a MONSTER qtr.

  20. @daytrader_hc $vxx if you don t get planned spike then sell but always have that specific plan before ;). Maybe today you get a spike.

  21. @Flushing $vxx. Is not designed to be held on to . Buy for event sell quickly after spikes.

  22. $SPX $VXX Hello bears!! We have only 84 more points up to go, that s ~4.5 percent and we have 2 months to do it. With love, da bulls

  23. $vix $uvxy $tvix Caution ... with VIX futures a full 2 points above the spot, tomorrow could be a day where VIX jumps but $VXX does not

  24. Busiest US Factories Since Early 2008 – Weekly Market Outlook $SPY $SPX $QQQ $VIX $VXX http://y.ahoo.it/NGOCOfc2

  25. @daytrader_hc You could always sell some weekly contracts options - risk is everywhere in these - blink and it s up or down $VXX