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  2. @Stockoptionexpert: $VXX BOOM institutionals added 9000 calls block last week, they dont like losing $TZA $UVXY $SPXU $VIX $SPY

  3. $VXX is going higher.

  4. AlphaGTrends was stopped out of $VXX today at 21.26 for a -2.75% loss, but YTD the portfolio is still up a nice 22.5%

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  13. $VXX CDR: 1.40_9.30%

  14. $VXX Scam.............

  15. $SPY $QQQ $VXX Rising Wedge (Bearish reversal) support is literally trying to get taken out. Potential gap down at open tomorrow.

  16. $VXX If apple has huge earnings (seems likely) VXX will take a beating...

  17. $spy new intraday low $vxx new high as 9000 calls contracts buyer (big boy)s getting paid 120%+ on calls

  18. $VXX Scam............

  19. $VXX simul trade success; bought at .73, gtc limit to sell 1.5, though going to cut half now. #testingthewaters

  20. $VXX simul trade success; bought at .73, gtc limit to sell 1.5, though going to cut half now. #testingthewaters (this is not advice!)

  21. $vxx new high , calls doubling, make sure u locking $$ $tza $vix

  22. $VXX is it time for jihad yet?

  23. $VXX probably going to jinx myself but buying call spread this morning has been the 1 trade I ve gotten right so far in April...

  24. if you are a member in marketing guy s chat room he will give u $spy $vxx calls alerts at the same time thn say vxx paying

  25. $VXX according to my metrics. this worm has turned. now how far will it go?