1. Bulls in denial @MostDiworstifiedInvestor Large cap blend moved fr Dip to Correction mode today $VXX $SPX $QQQ $AAPL

  2. $VXX I doubt it matters much thereafter the first 2 1/2 hours post tomorrows open, But that s just one mans opinion.

  3. #MacroScan: $LQD > $TLT > $USO > $GLD > $DBC > $VXX > $UUP > $EEM > $FXI > $SPY > $QQQ > $FEZ > $PFF > $IWM > $HYG

  4. Thanks $YUM, $AAPL for screwing my $VXX bearish trade.

  5. I still see $VXX test Sept.29 s high by the end of this week, even higher the first part of next week, and cool off by end of next week.

  6. Now with $YUM, $ADBE, $NUS all report major earning misses after hour, it sets up the stage of a blood bath tomorrow. Great for $VXX!

  7. $SPY $VIX $TVIX $UVXY $VXX the VIX is now down 6 days in a row. time for a pop?

  8. @BotMuncher $FB after some huge 92.80 dumps after hours (late prints)saw a real time $12,000,000 dump AH $92.50 $VXX

  9. $TVIX $VXX Should start percolating tmrw as earnings misses hits broad mrkt, accelerates drop momentum factor. Sets up China domino effect.

  10. $vxx, $spy IMF Forecasts Slowest Global Growth Since Crisis http://tradinggods.net/trading-gods-blog/imf-forecasts-slowest-global-growth-since-crisis/

  11. At this rate leaders like $NKE who report early & beat targets enjoyed the huge run,have sold gains.Bad reports often released AH $YUM $VXX

  12. Easy money shorting that... $YUM.Will get chopped viciously. Adobe missed too $ADBE Earnings proving weakness many suspected $VXX $TVIX $SPY

  13. Jesus $YUM totally misses.. China factor terrible>50+% of their market. Future estmts are now stated extremely low.Wow. $SPY $SPY $VXX $TVIX

  14. $VXX Thank you Yum for the numbers.

  15. $UVXY $VXX $VIX $TVIX How do you trade when VIX itself is volatile like today..lol

  16. $ADBE Sneaks in just moments after the tape that they missed earnings,set low like most are (and why many beat)... surprised pros $SPX $VXX

  17. $VXX Thank you Adobe for the numbers.

  18. Sharing a fun chart.Worth considering-other Oct s look similar. History doesn t repeat but does rhyme $SPX $SPY $VXX

  19. $VXX Why did it go down so much now ?

  20. $SPY $vxx might drop the ball here 10 k close under 22.92 SPY calls atms 197.65 stop high risk

  21. $SPY $VXX etc maybe d $FED debt is huge! aging population cant work, spend! morons r right. sideways chop the future, a diff trd enviroment

  22. $VXX 22.10 tomorrow.

  23. If you think mrkt may pullback & volatility will increase then buying $VXX $TVIX >ahead of a $SPX $SPY drop is reasonable,so both temp go up

  24. $SPY $vxx closing 6 consecutive 10k candles over 22.9 sup, Ping pong action, componding the scalps pays the electricity

  25. $SPY Hmmm, $VXX trending up along with SPY..