1. $VRNG added at .60 just now.

  2. For 8/28-9/3, we re forecasting $VRNG to go down with 85% confidence: http://investorsanalytics.com/forecast/2015/08/27/five-day-forecasts-for-august-28-2015/

  3. $VRNG that s what happens when 80% of longs were suspended in one fell swoop....

  4. $VRNG this stream is so silent

  5. $VRNG CMF remains very positive which is a good sign (accumulation). Over 0.632 then 0.74

  6. $VRNG Thanks to those providing the VRNG briefs for examination. Can anyone direct me to the Google response?

  7. $VRNG Haven t seen this kinda vol since 8/4. nice close!

  8. $VRNG Settlements must be fair so that when $GOOG and $ZTE launch into the stratosphere - they carry us along- to $20.00 and on!!!

  9. $VRNG Any guesses...despite the flurry of motions from both sides...are V and Z talking???? IMO, both would be silly not to.

  10. $VRNG if I were google or ZTE, I would be settling in the next 3 weeks or less. It could save a few hundred million.

  11. $NEON Hi, guys, ending week 3s, maybe, 4s? Could. Patent suit news gets $SPEX $VRNG day traders on our patent stock. Apple vs. Sam=BILLIONS

  12. $VRNG Strong buying going into this close.

  13. @JacksMomDawn: $VRNG ZTE and GOOG ordering adult diapers as we speak GOOLE so rich, aint worried.

  14. @JacksMomDawn: $VRNG ZTE and GOOG ordering adult diapers as we speak What ever G ends up paying V will be like a hair off their riches

  15. $VRNG ZTE and GOOG ordering adult diapers as we speak

  16. @Stocktok: $VRNG New HOD. So exited, shorts will short back to .55

  17. $VRNG Only ticker on my board in positive territory of daily high/low graph

  18. $VRNG Huge sell off starting on broader market, hopefully that doesn t kill our EoD

  19. $VRNG New HOD.

  20. $VRNG Get ready...

  21. $VRNG Heading to .63.

  22. $VRNG is another short squeeze candidate on positive news. Short interest ratio is at 15....

  23. $VRNG To be honest though, it might be a good thing to keep the price as low as possible going into the scotus decision

  24. $VRNG nHoD and volume is looking good.

  25. $VRNG Sellers are dumping every share they have to keep the price in check. This is a war. Has to be someone that s blocking a price rise.