1. $VRNG please show us doubters we re wrong with material facts!! show me da money!!!! ooops ya cant

  2. $VRNG snakeoil is all this company sells....what have they developed? what have they innovated? what have they monetized?answer please longs

  3. $VRNG been hearing about this company for 2 years about all this money coming from zte and goog...umm where s the beef?

  4. Watching $VRNG $GIMO $PLUG $BLDP $IMPV $FEYE $DATA and possibly $VHC tomorrow.

  5. $VRNG This stream has a lot of football metaphors, that alone has captured my curiosity

  6. $VRNG might take another shot here 4 time loser on this buy 1000 shares opinions? hope it is over soon

  7. $VRNG shorts are the real dummies here. They likely have know idea about zte or tyco or the other 498 patents owned by vrng and from Nokia

  8. $VRNG they have developed nothing, they have innovated nothing and they have monetized nothing = waaaay overvalued

  9. $VRNG is engaged in the innovation, development + monetization of ip and mobile technologies <- they ve done none of this!! hahahahah

  10. $VRNG I m a long but Google being largest Lobyist, and the amount of taxation without representation is my only concern

  11. $VRNG They just dont know when to take a knee and let the clock expire instead of calling timeout every play.

  12. $VRNG it s kinda like lopsided nfl game everyone knows who will win but they still have to play out the full 60 minutes

  13. $VRNG Google/ZTE, etc have already lost this case, they are just too stupid to realize it. $ cant buy everyone.

  14. $VRNG and they so much smarter than some east coast middle aged African American lawyer in Virginia.

  15. $VRNG of these google engineers. They all multimillionaires with stock options and convinced they run the internet and thus the world ...

  16. $VRNG so goog floats the phony work around .... Think of the most arrogant techie u know they wouldnt even begin to approach the arrogance

  17. $VRNG never underestimate googles arrogance. They sized up HJJ and thought we much smarter than this bozo we will pull fast one on him. Oops

  18. $VRNG wow cultists thinking zte will get vrng 500 ml lol...u have no idea of precedents do you? do you think just bc vrng askd for 2.5/phone

  19. $VRNG Best conservative estimate on Indiamart is more than .5 billion to date. Plus continuing royalties till 2016 @ $2.50 per phone!

  20. $VRNG $VRNG is the horse that has not won a race (yet). Do we have a triple crown winner before our eyes, make your bets. Winner I bet !

  21. $VRNG Do NOt get why $AOL $GCI $IACI $TGT stockholders aren t screaming over management going along w/$GOOG & QE attys making things WORSE?

  22. $VRNG plus, can $GOOGL $GOOG co-defendants & stockholders AFFORD 2 allow G & QE attys 2 keep making thing WORSE? $AOL? $IACI? $TGT? $GCI?

  23. $VRNG the only +way 4 $GOOGL $GOOG 2 head off a disastrous CAFC ruling will b 2 license b4 CAFC rules

  24. $VRNG also spent some time reviewing SITO (Single Touch) 49 very interesting Patents in IP Cell that I am going to evaluate.

  25. $VRNG When CAFC starts asking ?s during orals arguments $GOOGL $GOOG s QE atty s will know if G has lost b4 leaving the Courtroom