1. $VRNG Who let the cat out of the bag?

  2. $VRNG So .60 is new support?... Today...

  3. $VRNG chinatrolls shorting again

  4. $VRNG Bought few more at .6054 ...thanks algos

  5. $VRNG Pump up the volume , damn !

  6. $VRNG OK, Told You .

  7. $VRNG Some GVR orders since Teva ruling: 1) Gevo V. Butamax. 2) Lighting Ballast V. Universal lighting. 3) Shire V. Watson Pharmaceuticals

  8. $VRNG that just cleaned up a ton of foolish comments..now back to VRNG

  9. $VRNG looks like to make sense to this board.. I have to use the block button again...foolish comments on what was once a good board....geez

  10. $VRNG nonsense stop with the spam

  11. $VRNG Bath & brush regular, as it keeps the odor down when shorts get to slinging it around here! So your in. GL Welcome aboard!

  12. $VRNG Bath & Brush your teeth regularly, it helps because it keeps the smell of crap down on days like this. So your In are you?

  13. $VRNG this isn t mm, why would they manip a stock with this pp?

  14. $VRNG one more thing, Be diversified ,if you go both ways, you never go home alone!

  15. $VRNG That hurts !

  16. $VRNG Be carefull here , they will get you from behind!

  17. $VRNG As a newbie , first file for LLC Corp. so you can write it off, then be ready for abuse and some one stealing your investment! GL

  18. $VRNG Well besides the news that COMMONSENSE S LEG FELL OFF LOL .

  19. $VRNG Just got in , So i m taking it nothing yet ?

  20. $VRNG Did I ever tell you about the time my leg fell off? That was a real bad day!

  21. $VRNG it went down so the news must be great!

  22. $VRNG From SA... Vringo has enough cash to last 19-20 months as it continues to fight its battles throughout the world .

  23. $VRNG Wound tight..No one buying.. no one selling....waiting on news.. multiple bi-nary events on the horizon. I like our chances.

  24. $VRNG Only 106K shares traded so far today, mighty quiet... ZTE better BEAT THE CLOCK or expect the good Judge to beat them w/ his gavel!

  25. $VRNG No news by 11,Guess we get molested again!