1. $VRNG for the next pop come back in 46 days when WOC is due. you are killing yourselves by following tick by tick.

  2. $VRNG ZTE is like an NBA team saying we scored 76 pts and we are so happy !! without saying they lost 76-102

  3. $VRNG ZTE didn t PR the $1M they still owe V in UK nor any other loss they suffered in the last 6 months, absolutely pathetic

  4. $VRNG how come zte didn t pr that Romania upheld the injunction? Or brazil ?? )))) LOL

  5. $VRNG cuntra how come zte (your bosses) didn t PR that they lost on 919 and that they would have remedy schedule determined in May??? )))))

  6. $VRNG how much does zte make per year? Yet they PR 500k??? Lol! Why? Bc they think it will hurt vrng stock. That s why they pay cuntra

  7. $VRNG zte Clealry scared when they have to pr piddly monetary reimbursments lol. Paying bashers, shorting the stock lol... So obvious

  8. $VRNG 2 million Per quarter burn... How many quarters of cash left ? 15.5 million. 15.5 / 2 = ? )))))))

  9. $VRNG so cuntra let s practice the balance sheet analysis. Can you tell us how muchv cash we have now based on $16 mil - 500k? Lol

  10. $VRNG at least cuntra is using facts now, dated but they are facts. I wonder when he ll tell us CAFC overturned Google lol

  11. $VRNG see company website for Feb 17 news lol. Cuntra paid to troll for zte. May 22 UK schedule set for remedies in UK on 919. June for 933

  12. $VRNG I guess we know who pays cuntra to bash..This is news? V pr d these patents were withdrawn on Feb 17, 2015. 919 and 933 still in play

  13. $VRNG ZTE Corporation announced that its ZTE (UK) Ltd. subsidiary received the payment of approximately £490,000 from Vringo

  14. $VRNG ZTE Receives Payment from Vringo After Withdrawal of Patent Claim in UK http://wwwen.zte.com.cn/en/press_center/news/201503/t20150327_432602.html

  15. $VRNG Ralphie how many of these Cohiba s do we have to smoke before we can trade this rowboat in for a carnival cruise liner? Soon Naughtin!

  16. $VRNG ST has publicly acknowledged that this particular board is the wild west and has no time to police it or monitor it. Use the block

  17. $VRNG @STsquadcar can we please have this person removed 98 per wn

  18. @BigPoppie2k15: $VRNG contra is right when he s wrong and wrong when he s right so he must be a ZTE plant <--yes he seems scared of facts

  19. $vrng hey contra here s an idea. Use the board to provide trading ideas based on FACTS vs e-stalking me. Is that too hard? )))))))))))))))))

  20. $VRNG Yep he s obsessed. suppose I hit a nerve w all my facts that refute his mindless bashing. hows the balance sheet training contra? ))))

  21. $VRNG Rggeman=Jay33=dags=ert123=SilliconBull will be investigated by sec for vrng pumping as well ? https://twitter.com/danravicher/status/576360540802420736

  22. $VRNG Rggeman=Jay33=dags=ert123=SilliconBull <<<< pump & dump

  23. $VRNG Wonder if Mak Cuban still has his shares!

  24. $VRNG In a week we get more information from SEC-FILLINGS about Forms 4. One week is not much ))))) Reggaemn regaggaeman !!))) ))))

  25. $VRNG People believe this guy? Nothing is correct in what he says.