1. $VRNG Yes..cheaper prices...i love that!

  2. $VRNG if sma200 holds it has potential to screw shorts. 200 sma has been known to be the cause of blownup accounts due to margin...

  3. $VRNG the documents show ZTE clearly intended to attack V stockholders, that is ** us **, we should have our OWN case for just cause

  4. $VRNG IMHO, new attorneys are setting ZTE on a path of settlement to avoid a substantial jury judgment and 3x damages

  5. $VRNG share are getting bought faster than they can sell...good indication to hold...shorts couldn t hold on this morning....

  6. $VRNG Depending on financial results I may be looking at the aftermarket details closely....could be good day tomorrow!

  7. $VRNG were on pace for another good volume day....1.25M Plus...

  8. $VRNG Z has harassed shareholders and delayed Justice. Judge Kaplan will be back. NDA is Two edge sword of Justice.

  9. $VRNG The huge sales in the first hour of yesterday s trading didn t scare the longs. We are back in the ascent. Volume gradually rising.

  10. $VRNG Showing strength

  11. $VRNG the biggest cyber security thieves are Chinese. IMO and they can t come up with a few tapes Z gate GOOGLGate. Someone has sold you out

  12. $VRNG All you need to look at is mkt cap vs potential. Yes, nothing is done yet, but when it is, most likely be paying a lot more 4 shrs

  13. $VRNG. wondering if there will be any info on new company formed with Lang

  14. $VRNG maybe we will get an update on Lang s Cybersecurity company. http://www.vringoip.com/cgi-bin/news.pl

  15. $VRNG When Z played ball in SDNY Z won t getball when you keep fouling player. Your whole team is on the bench and your coach Guo is up. Lol

  16. $VRNG Didn t VRNG have some licenses signed in the 1rst and 2nd qtr? Maybe we get a surprise.

  17. $VRNG on the lookout for a UHaul truck to back up and add to my holdings

  18. $vrng Large blocks coming through >$0.70. Strong volume. Might get to see another run here - stay tuned....

  19. $VRNG The money wont be from ER, maybe see a pullback tonight and tomorrow? But that s ok, a good chance to buy ALOT more shares.

  20. $VRNG I feel bad for Z s new attys. arguing truth for ZTE is abc only to have ZTE evidence say truth was xyz ... oops! Sanctions

  21. $VRNG YES.....moving on up

  22. $VRNG Sanction will COST ZTE $ and ZTE (USA) + injunction. Broken promises to NBA breach of contract and G gets cut like a knife no android

  23. $VRNG Hope the financial results are good to spark this fire!

  24. $vrng again look at these bids 90k @ 0.70

  25. $VRNG Something is going on behind the scenes to cause this. No news other than todays filings.