1. $vrng Read Rule 62. Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment http://y.ahoo.it/7LKzAHIA Scroog just might have to do the math That d be AWSUM

  2. Got em: $APP $DCTH $ECTE $RNN $BSPM $OXGN. Need em: $BONE $ARTX $ATHX $VRNG $PLUG $MNKD et. al.

  3. @sunflowerdelight There s absolutely no correlation between $PXLW and $VRNG. Totally different business, totally different everything.

  4. $VRNG If we don t know our sin, we can not know our Savior, we cannot be saved. Today cast your sins upon Him who is Love for you.

  5. $vrng lots of goog insiders selling???

  6. $VRNG...have owned it for 18 months. Long. Poised.

  7. $VRNG This super low-volume days are frustrating, but I have a hunch next week we ll see a significant move upward. That s all it is, tho

  8. $VRNG so painful to watch this every day.... well below the HJJ ruling day pop

  9. $VRNG Added a little at the close.

  10. $VRNG Go to Yahoo finance.Go to Vringo and check out binateller posts.Tried to copy.no luck.

  11. $VRNG loaded up for the long weekend, GLTAV s

  12. $VRNG I miss the old days when it might pop 20-60 cents within last 5 minutes of close... now it s so dull we don t even have the mega dips

  13. $VRNG Power 1/2 hour!

  14. $VRNG back in with the vringo heads at 3.75...1/2 a pos..

  15. @OCDTrading conf agrmnt is no doubt $TYC s worst nightmare, best 4 T s stockholders if T licenses & settles infringement of $VRNG s IP

  16. @OCDTrading U R not considering $VRNG upped its complaint vs $TYC 2 continuing willful infringement looking 4 3x damages so conf agrmnt

  17. $VRNG Volume too low today to be a meaningful signal. Holding May 4.50 calls and a big core.

  18. @OCDTrading U R forgetting the confidential agreement between $VRNG & $ADT pretty sure A is licensing V s IP so not expecting any dilution

  19. $VRNG will add next week

  20. $VRNG I hate to say it but even though they said they have enough cash for the year they may dilute to raise capital. Im hoping for a settle

  21. $VRNG Goog fizzling.. Yahoo challenging Goog for default on Apple devices. Maybe Vrng buys Goog??? LOL

  22. $VRNG I d love to see $GOOG make a play for V to avoid this hassle ... Then Rockstar outbids them to Hammer em !!

  23. $VRNG I m betting next week is going to be a LOT of news. Bought some May 4.50 calls.

  24. $VRNG What If Google Is Actually *Weak* In Search? http://y.ahoo.it/c0royPZV $goog $yhoo $msft

  25. $VRNG Worlds Inc. WDDD buying opp down to .14 on no news. Markman Hearing schedule has not been released. With Judge Caspar now.