1. $VRNG ..Only .60 more cents down until another Reverse-Split.....Rinse/Repeat

  2. $VRNG 16ยข...? What the...

  3. $VRNG I forgot it,s winter & Cliff Mr. P.R. (not) is in his cave for 6 more weeks. Still long & pissed. Step it up VRNG Team.

  4. $VRNG No respect for VRNG until they give us news. It,s coming so I will continue to buy @ these gift levels.

  5. $VRNG i m considering shorting just to make some of my $$ back! Talk abt a stock that can t get out of its own way.....

  6. lol they re still talkin about squeezing shorty on the $VRNG thread roflmao!

  7. $VRNG Don,t you just love people giving advise that have NO position.

  8. $VRNG shorts are at 10 percent of float. Risky play. Good luck. http://shortsqueeze.com/?symbol=Vrng&submit=Short+Quote%99

  9. $VRNG Buy signal @$1.75

  10. $VRNG strengthening before the close

  11. $ASTI $VRNG out of both with 15% profit, more room to run.....


  13. $VRNG Smart $ adding @ these price levels.

  14. $VHC $AAPL like $GOOG are above court rulings.$goog owed $vrng $100s of millions and has appealed reappealed and never paid just on lawyers

  15. $VRNG Its all about the volume.We need the convertible seller to go away.The company needs to announce a buyback.Dividends do not help yet.

  16. $VRNG Something going on here, on watch.

  17. $VRNG is gaining momentum....

  18. $VRNG At this point, if I could just break even I would be happy.

  19. $VRNG is warming up!! stay closely

  20. $VHC While I did not get filled on my short, the idea was correct. Terrible idea to chase these companies, study the $VRNG case

  21. $VRNG Apple loses lawsuit, the pendulum is swinging back towards patent protection. http://fortune.com/2016/02/03/apple-virnetx/

  22. $VRNG where is your $VHC kinda day??? Been waiting since 2013

  23. $VRNG letting air out of the hopium balloon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZF4yRlASX8

  24. WARNING: $VRNG OPTIMISM indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) is very pessimistic!

  25. $VHC $VRNG go short on the Ask and let everybody hold the bag # pump and dump