1. $VRNG still at .20 cents? curious to see what management will say in CC.

  2. $VRNG Bullish uptrend remains intact.

  3. $VRNG gee another pump and dump who would have thought

  4. $VRNG Sell Volume caught up with the Buy Volume. Maybe a leak on the ER numbers not being what was expected?

  5. $VRNG The Shorties that come in for a day or two to make .50 and sell would not know

  6. $VRNG Ok, well enough happiness for one day. GL grumpy ones.

  7. $VRNG Never seen a company that has zero communications with its shareholders.

  8. $VRNG last post: save your snide comments and unsolicited advice until after earnings tomorrow...Then we ll see who wants to give me advice

  9. $VRNG Fed Up!

  10. $VRNG i m getting messages from people telling me I should sell and shut up. Thanks for the advice but my reasons are my business ...

  11. $VRNG technical breakout? more like pump and dump, I made a small gain. Will wait for ER visibility and hopefully trade off that

  12. $VRNG Us Longs feel your pain as we are in the red also needing big time news to get close to making our $ back. We cant sell this low

  13. $VRNG review history and caution irrational exuberance about the conference call IMO I will leave the baseless hope to the new investors

  14. $VRNG I don t know why you would stay...take your losses and move on.

  15. $VRNG i d rather lose all my money by investing my time to save someone else the misery and disappointment this company has proven to be

  16. $VRNG wth happened here? Sentiment was so good..

  17. $VRNG there s no shame in being bitter about being ripped off. It s the party that did it to us that should be ashamed...

  18. $VRNG hot garbage trash company

  19. $VRNG investors have to settle for 1/10 RS value well they reward each other with cash that belongs to us!

  20. $VRNG @sachmo Do I detect a hint of bitterness?

  21. $VRNG remember how they played us with ideas we would profit from global licenses? They settle for just enough to give themselves a raise

  22. $VRNG I hope karma does to them what they did to the investors...

  23. $VRNG they should be ashamed of themselves and just declare bankruptcy to put us out of our misery but they won t even do that for us

  24. $VRNG I can t wait to hear the glee in their voice now that they have more money and we got Jack as investors

  25. $VRNG making a prediction that this conference call will be a nonevent is easy when you look at all the other ones before it.