1. $VRNG Well we all know things are heating up, can the pps reflect that? Will shorts be caught with their pants down? Will longs be rewarded?

  2. $VRNG This really looks like it is ready to take off!

  3. $VRNG - http://y.ahoo.it/uOZcRjp2 - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 3.823. Time: 6 days. Volume: 2,391,689.

  4. $VRNG Come on 4! Good luck today guys.

  5. $VRNG Hey Dog, ole spookytrades states V will be $30 in 2 yrs based on $3B rev. What u think???

  6. Hot picks today $aria $isr $fnma $fmcc & Always the Vringo $vrng Keep eyes on $dss things are about to get hot with that name. Good luck all

  7. $VRNG wonder if anyone will care that google really is evil Samsung was afraid of apple and google told them we got ur back

  8. $VRNG should be 30 dollar stock in 2 years. This is ten bagger stock u dream about finding at ground zero

  9. $VRNG $goog may be on the hook to cover Samsung in IP infringement. Recall Eric Schmidt was on appl board stole ip gave to android team

  10. $VRNG assume that goog is about to prop up the entire ip legal industry. They would rather pay attorneys and thumb their nose than pay fees

  11. $VRNG Google may be on the hook to cover Samsung in IP infringement. Where does it stop? AAPL should buy VRNG and really go after GOOG!

  12. $VRNG Google’s Stake in $2 Billion Apple-Samsung Trial Revealed http://y.ahoo.it/uJhfVGAA via @BloombergNews

  13. @ciscodisco This is a very young story. There is NO over in sight. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning. $vrng

  14. $VRNG when is this over? really over

  15. $VRNG We are less than 2 weeks (May 6th) away from our day before the appeals judge in the Google case.

  16. $VRNG There seemed to be some accumulating today in the 3.75 to 3.79 range. Good things ahead. 4+ soon.

  17. $VRNG It is pretty clear the Short Sellers are way too focused on $GOOGL $GOOG outcome, ignoring $MSFT $ADT, $TYC, $ZTE, etc like Indiamart

  18. $VRNG I am liking the positive vibes on the board for the stock... Keep it up and thanks for the info Carl/egiscodr/Snoooop40

  19. $VRNG May 7th, we should hear some good news. Go VRNG go

  20. @egiscodr thanks. Have to think Indiamart Intermesh Ltd will turn up the heat on ZTE to license $VRNG patents and get back to business

  21. $VRNG Have to expect Indiamart to be pressuring ZTE bigtime...

  22. $VRNG A good day in Vringo-land. Long & strong here. Hang in there all, our time is coming... Daily chart

  23. @egiscodr Good find, good read aswell. $VRNG

  24. $VRNG Indiamart suffering irreparable loss . http://y.ahoo.it/BUrk17IU looks like hearing is done. http://y.ahoo.it/jKE1zUmO

  25. $VRNG trader290 you got a lil got of red koolaid on your shirt. Lil bit . Yes you do. Lil bit.