1. $VRNG these chinatrolls need to go to jail asap and pay 1bilion$ IMO

  2. $VRNG lets get money announce a dividend because of all the shorting keeping it undervalued and watch the shorts fry

  3. $VRNG Looking kind of obvious this has been a G story all along - mkt seems to give a rat s arse about Z news.....

  4. $VRNG added some 0.5501.

  5. $VRNG ZTE clearly shorting and doing their best to go to jail

  6. $VRNG People why bother with Hayden ,,, Block him .

  7. $VRNG dont be curious he s a short.

  8. $VRNG I m curious...what is your purpose for being here Hayden??

  9. $VRNG Power hour!

  10. $VRNG except for sp, everything looks awesome!

  11. $VRNG Institutional ownership up 15.35% Q/Q, with 4,615,240 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/VRNG

  12. $VRNG Still liking and holding...Announcements like this http://nasdaqomx.acnnewswire.com/press-release/2/38764/vringo-announces-favorable-ruling-regarding-patent-validty-in-german-patents-court are big news

  13. $VRNG Fools have shaken out the weak Longs months ago, once the GVR or outright reversal of CAFC hits, this puppy is off to the races!

  14. $VRNG amazing how they try to scare people. Why anyone would sell with news of wins every couple of weeks? It s just a waiting game

  15. $VRNG Not so, 52 week low was .4606, get your facts straight or SCREW!

  16. $VRNG hitting new lows now

  17. $VRNG Time to take advantage. ZTE throwing a tantrum again. Tsk tsk tsk.

  18. $VRNG added 5k

  19. $VRNG Hayden is here to save us all.Thanks for stopping by. Now leave and go short yourself some $ vrng

  20. $VRNG 400k volume for a stock with this float is proof you re alone in valuation estimation It s only hope that keeps this listed at all

  21. $VRNG All you have to see is the gap: .5601 & .5602 -Shorts sell back & forth to each other. Too much of this & they ll need glasses! :-O

  22. $VRNG Exceptional buy given what has already been determined as eventual pay day for Vringo; ZTE Google is merely un-priced icing on cake.

  23. $VRNG Shorts & MM playing with themselves, while Longs enjoy a chilled white wine. Soon heat will be too much 4 them :-) and they re gone !

  24. $VRNG Does anyone have a good reason or explanation why V is down over 6% It can t be about Grease so why???

  25. $VRNG As I ve said before DB is already a multi-millionaire set for life....