1. $VRNG 15 mins th o conference call begins....

  2. $VRNG Loaded some .39s

  3. $VRNG sadly it could be weeks or months before we see fruits of the conference call...assuming it is all good! Reality check ..still long

  4. $VRNG Buy the dip

  5. $VRNG What are the date to look for?

  6. $VRNG hello ZTE, WELCOME TO THE CONFERENCE CALL....said Judge Maas

  7. $VRNG looks very strong and solid..GL

  8. $VRNG remember sseller, ZTE lost a non-appealable verdict in UK. Payable earlier 2016.That should pay some bills for V.

  9. $vrng Our next enforcement may relate to the 5 MSFT patents. They were handpicked and not intended to collect dust. Just saying, long &

  10. $VRNG as example...note what happened to VUZI when they split they re stock last january http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=VUZI&ty=c&ta=0&p=w

  11. $VRNG Judicial Assistants

  12. $VRNG Does provide exposure to actual Justices as all Certiorari are filtered categorized and relevant recommendations added by Jud Assts

  13. $VRNG Yes Vringo can file a Rule 44 request that the Certiorari be Re-Heard by the Supreme Court. This requires 4 SC Judges to agree.

  14. $VRNG Sorry, I ve posted too much because I m so thrill, it s my birthday today. My birthday wish for settlement...

  15. $VRNG lastly notice ZERO insider buying...they re not stupid when it comes to THEIR money

  16. $VRNG and don t forget another $50M capital raise to buy more patents Management will dilute you to nothing

  17. $VRNG lol at BS posts...ZTE will tie this up for years they have dug their heals in...Will cover after reverse split & 75% sell off

  18. $VRNG because Kaplan wont let them. hes had enough

  19. $VRNG Why is every one sp sure of a settlement? Why can t ZTE drag this just like G did?

  20. $VRNG Just says ZTE settle for 800m. 800m * 35% = 280m. 800m - 280m = 520m. 520m / 100m share outstanding = 5.20. 5.20 x valuation?

  21. $VRNG lets speculate v beats zte, what incentive does zte have to pay up?

  22. Notable Stocks to Track- http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/notable-stocks-to-track-united-technologies-nyseutx-vringo-nasdaqvrng-interpublic-group-of-companies-nyseipg-netapp-nasdaqntap/1534303/ $UTX $VRNG $IPG $NTAP

  23. $VRNG Since Vringo get more money in the bank, investors must give it some valuations.

  24. $VRNG Don t panic and sale just to break even! With the money from ZTE, Vringo can go after many more companies...

  25. $VRNG There are many more Chinese companies that are infringing Vringo patents. Why it target ZTE first, I have no idea?