1. Glad to see the market come to its senses regarding $FSLR. Earnings come out again in early Nov.

  2. $FSLR http://FinGraphs.com Pot. cont. Uptrend INTRAWEEK 60m-15m-4m combo chart

  3. $FSLR wow broke downtrend channel, expect it to touch 50.35 and if anything that s where I am looking to short

  4. October 6, 2015 RS Movers - GTLackey s RPM http://gtlackey.com/october-6-2015-rs-movers/ $PSP $IJT $OIH $XHS $SNDK $FSLR $AU $XEC $CLB $MU $OII $SCHW $BMY


  6. @DaScientist $FSLR STC Nov calls @ 1.5 from 0.90... Will rebuy lower next week. No reason to be greedy should have been greedy :(

  7. $SLTD $SPWR $SCTY $MNGA $ENPH $FSLR http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-06/solar-wind-reach-a-big-renewables-turning-point-bnef

  8. $FSLR Has room to run, not extended yet

  9. $FSLR $GPRO Amazing day for a day trader $$$$$

  10. $FSLR Small boost from CNBC s Najarian s comments re solar around lunch time..

  11. $FSLR hod

  12. Why is this PIG up? SOLAR STOCKS = DEAD MONEY $FSLR

  13. $FSLR Good touches

  14. $FSLR Well hello there bullish chart, it s about time.


  16. $TAN $spwr $fslr $scty secular bull run started last week. Multibaggers longterm.

  17. $FSLR Unbelievable $$$$$ day trading this today!

  18. $FSLR higher high. double botttom above ma50 and to ma200 at 50.75 go to solar sector for profits

  19. Solar is producing today $csiq $jks and $fslr holding from the flash crash

  20. $FSLR Out of the Long on that gap up.... No position. GL

  21. $FSLR More sell orders showing up > 48.00.. see if the buyers can push through, holding small Long for exit > HoD area...

  22. $FSLR Breaking out upside.. selling upticks for quick scalp out of the Long.

  23. $FSLR Good buying in this.. Long from 47.70, buying dowticks below this to add..

  24. 06 Oct 2015: Downtrend Stocks in Technology $ADSK $AKAM $AMD $APH $CSC $CTL $CTSH $FIS $FSLR $GOOG http://tqequity.com/06-oct-2015-downtrend-stocks-in-technology-adsk-akam-amd-aph-csc-ctl-ctsh-fis-fslr-goog/ #oil #stocks #equ

  25. Good morning! Holding $FET. Latest winners $BHP $AKS $EZU $FSLR $TOL $WB $SUNE $SOHU $BIDU $PBR $TWTR $SPWR. 90.7% accuracy #strictlytrades