1. Holding $gld $fslr hell yeah

  2. $FSLR If you look at the 3-month for this guy it would indicate $4-5 drop and then a bounce back to it s high.

  3. $FSLR stock market humor - http://xkcd.com/1570/

  4. $FSLR Do we see 50 today?

  5. $FSLR 49.01 next resistance

  6. $CAFD come down so I can own you too! My $FSLR is lonely. Blog http://stockpickingbartender.com

  7. $TSL seriously wtf...lets go $TSL..your brothers are doing well today catch up...$CSIQ $FSLR etc...

  8. $FSLR $SUNE $CAFD what bizzaro world is this where my solar stocks are leading gainers in my portfolio today?

  9. The way oil jumped today solar to watch to if oil goes up more $jks $csiq $tan $sune $FSLR $SCTY

  10. $FSLR MM still pushing SCTY. How long before FSLR explodes to old highs?

  11. $TSL $CSIQ $SUNE $JKS $SCTY $FSLR ..it just feels so damn goooooooddd...

  12. $FSLR Nice close

  13. Long-Short Value Watchlist: LONG: $CAFD, $REGI, $TTM, $PLNR, $ASPS, $BSQR, $FSLR: SHORT: $NAVI, $AMBA, $HLF, $SHAK, $APOL, $HSTM, $FIVE, $Z

  14. $FSLR strong move late. a hold above 47.10 confirm strength in this rally

  15. Just sold my $SPXL from yesterday +10% I am staying in $SCTY and $FSLR and will add either under $40 - otherwise CASH. Expect $SPY pullback

  16. $GPRO $MBLY $FEYE $CYBR $FSLR $SCTY $BABA keep rolling em up shorts,wait to go bulls make them squeeeel,payback sweet $$$$

  17. $LDK $CSIQ $SPWR $FSLR $JKS $TSL $LDKYQ Keep an eye on LDKYQ folks. Company showed some life today with a press release announcing deal.

  18. $SCTY $FSLR $CSIQ Wow! Oil has jumped +7.5% today. Might be in a huge reversal upwards since yesterday. Some think this will help Solars

  19. $TAN $FSLR I love FSLR s growth and finances,but TAN holds all solar stocks basically & FSLR is its top holding. Which would you go and why

  20. $FSLR hod higher high.. above ma50

  21. $GPRO $MBLY $FEYE $CYBR $FSLR $BABA great recovery,now that s more like it,shorts were getting to cocky,squeeeeeze em $$$$

  22. $RGSE $FSLR $VSLR $SCTY $SLTD $WTI Oil up. Jobs up. Futures up. Let s see solar roar. Since we are correlated with oil RIGHT?

  23. $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR $SUNE What s Behind The Fall of #Solar Energy Stocks? -- http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/08/26/whats-behind-the-fall-of-solar-energy-stocks.aspx?source=eogyholnk0000001 #renewables @SolarCity

  24. First Solar Is Sector s Best in Fundamentals, but Can You Stomach the Volatility? $FSLR http://www.thestreet.com/story/13267901/1/first-solar-is-sectors-best-in-fundamentals-but-can-you-stomach-the-volatility.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  25. $FSLR The simplest chart I could use to indicate SP market wide today. Will this repeat tomorrow?