1. $FSLR my medium-term bearish view for a move towards 45$ remains.

  2. $FSLR holding inside the upward sloping blue channel.57$ critical support.

  3. $FSLR watching for rebound at avg 50


  5. $FSLR Say $50s are on deck for this one if it has another down day tomorrow.

  6. $FSLR watching this rising wedge for a breakdown; Weekly View

  7. $SCTY good ER $35 bad ER $20 ..i will stick with $FSLR

  8. $FSLR Sun Edison has come out with better technology that will put a hurt on Fslr. Short now while technically high

  9. 5 out of 6 of short setups from our Heads Up working nicely. Most also posted on ST recently, with charts $RACE $FSLR $PYPL $NDLS $WSM $UCO

  10. $SEDG $RUN $SCTY $FSLR for the love of smart solar investors, go to cash until mkt storm clears. Your money will be needed on the upside.

  11. $SCTY don t disappoint ER pls otherwise -10% all solar stocks $fslr $csiq $jks $sune

  12. $FSLR nice recovery

  13. $SCTY $fslr $sune SUNE only has 500% upside.

  14. $SCTY $fslr $sune

  15. $SUNE - $fslr is running

  16. $SUNE $FSLR this market will take it down

  17. $FSLR looks to head south soon


  19. $SUNE Solid solar balance sheets being reward as low debt $FSLR down under 1% today and still near 52wk highs. Fundamentals MATTER.

  20. $sune ----$scty $fslr $csiq all showing signs of life

  21. $SUNE $JKS $SPWR $FSLR http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a19292/were-one-step-close-to-creating-fuel-cells-from-solar-energy/


  23. Weekend Review and Watchlist http://jonboorman.com/weekend-review-and-watchlist-50/ $SPX $GGAL $FSLR $AEM $NEM $T $VZ $CRAY $FISV

  24. $FSLR still > 20/50/200

  25. Weekend Review and Watchlist http://jonboorman.com/weekend-review-and-watchlist-50/ $SPX $GGAL $FSLR $AEM $NEM $T $VZ $CRAY $FISV