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Cost of living: Aussies share the one thing they can't go without

Aussies have cut back on many 'unnecessary' items but admit there are some indulgences they'll never give up.

The cost-of-living crisis has brought with it months of high prices and forced countless Aussies to ditch their favourite everyday products — but there are some indulgences people are simply refusing to give up.

Yahoo News last month reported shoppers are opting to leave snack foods on the shelves to cut down on costs, but one punter ignited a conversation on Reddit this week when asking the "one thing you still won't go without".

"It's Dare Ice Coffee for me," the inquisitive poster said, attracting more than 200 responses.

Aussies shopping in Coles (left) and people sitting down having a coffee and a cafe (right) during the cost of living crisis.
Aussies have shared the one 'luxury' item they don't want to give up despite the cost-of-living crisis. Source: Getty

This conversation came after the Reserve Bank took the "controversial step on Tuesday of raising interest rates once again," with Chief Economist at CreditorWatch, Anneke Thompson, saying the move is set to force consumers to rethink their future spending decisions.

Take away caffeine a staple for Aussies

The biggest thing many Aussies refuse to go without is their daily dose of caffeine, whether in the form of a Dare Iced Coffee — which a surprising number of people admitted to drinking daily — or their local café's brew.


"[I have a] daily iced latte habit. Goddamn, it's hard to quit and so easy to justify on the spot as 'it's just $6 and gives me a small bit of joy in the day'," one person shared.

Speaking to Yahoo News recently, finance expert Effie Zahos, explained that buying a coffee a day won't break the bank, but a $4.50 coffee every day amounts to $65,700 over 40 years, without taking into account inflation.

People shopping in a supermarket in Australia.
Aussies say that despite the rising costs there are a few small things they're holding on to for as long as they can. Source: Getty (Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images)

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Beers, but not for mates

Many Aussies responded that beer was their one expense they wouldn't be giving up any time soon.

"Beer. Even if it has to be the cheap stuff from Aldi from time to time. I am considering brewing my own soon too," a person said.

Pub owner Tony Franzon recently told Yahoo that although beers are still being bought, with cost-of-living pressures tightening budgets, he's seeing a huge downward trend of people buying rounds for their mates.

Three-ply toilet paper considered a necessity for some

No matter the cost, multiple Aussies shared they would never buy "scratchy" toilet paper.

"The day I buy cheap, scratchy toilet paper is the day I end it all," one person dramatically professed. "No matter what it costs I’m buying it," responded another.

Others offered a bidet as an alternative option to toilet paper.

Pricey dairy products still have loyal buyers

The prices for cheese and butter have been shocking the nation, but there are some who are willing to cut back on all else to make sure they can still buy what to them is essential.

"Lurpak lightly salted, I do not care how poor I am I am not skimping on Lurpak," one person said.

"Good cheese. I tried downgrading to store brand for cheddar and parmesan but it's just not the same," replied another.

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