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Events calendar for:
15 Apr. 2018 - 21 Apr. 2018

Economic events on Sun., 15 Apr.1-20 of 20 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
Interest Rate DecisionIL9:00AM ESTApr0.10.10.1-
Interest Rate DecisionIL10:00AM ESTApr-0.10.1-
CPI MMIL11:30AM ESTMar0.30.30.1-
CPI YYIL11:30AM ESTMar0.20.20.2-
GDP YYPE12:00PM ESTFeb2.862.82.81-
CPI QQNZ6:45PM ESTQ10.50.50.1-
Food Price IndexNZ6:45PM ESTMar1--0.5-
CPI YYNZ6:45PM ESTQ11.11.11.6-
Trade Balance YtdUA8:00PM ESTMar-0.74--0.28-
CPI YYZW8:00PM ESTMar2.68-2.98-
Imports Growth YYID8:00PM ESTMar9.0713.2525.18-
CPI MMZW8:00PM ESTMar-0.25-0.08-
Trade Balance (Bln of )ID8:00PM ESTMar---0.11-
CPI MMAO8:00PM ESTMar1.44-1.26-
CPI YYAO8:00PM ESTMar20.9-21.47-
Exports Growth YYID8:00PM ESTMar--11.76-
Trade Balance RevisedKR10:00PM ESTMar6.8-6.9-
GDP YYCN10:00PM ESTQ16.86.76.8-
Import Growth RevisedKR10:00PM ESTMar5.2-5-
Export Growth RevisedKR10:00PM ESTMar6.1-6.1-