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08 Oct. 2017 - 14 Oct. 2017

Economic events on Thu., 12 Oct.1-75 of 75 results

EventEvent timeForActualMarket expectationCountryPrior to thisRevised from
Industrial Output YY12:00AM ESTAug--MY6.1-
Trade Balance12:30AM ESTAug4.07-NL4.714.7
Retail Sales YY1:00AM ESTAug3.5-SG1.81.7
Retail Sales MM1:00AM ESTAug-0.3-SG32.9
Industrial Production MM2:00AM ESTAug2-RO-1.5-
CPI (EU Norm) Final MM2:45AM ESTSep--FR0.6-
Inflation Ex-Tobacco MM2:45AM ESTSep-0.2-FR-0.7-
CPI (EU Norm) Final YY2:45AM ESTSep--FR1.1-
Industrial Output Final3:00AM ESTAug6.8-HU6.8-
Unemployment Rate3:00AM ESTAug3.5-DK3.5-
Industrial Output YY3:00AM ESTAug--SK9.2-
Forex Reserves3:30AM EST-198.6-TH199.3-
CPIF YY3:30AM ESTSep-2.5SE2.3-
CPI YY3:30AM ESTSep2.12.4SE2.1-
Currency Swaps3:30AM EST-31.4-TH31.2-
CPIF MM3:30AM ESTSep0.20.4SE-0.1-
CPI MM3:30AM ESTSep--SE-0.2-
ZEW Economic Sentiment5:00AM ESTOct-21.5DE17-
ZEW Current Conditions5:00AM ESTOct-89DE87.9-
Mining Production YY5:30AM ESTAug6.90.1ZA0.91.9
Gold Production YY5:30AM ESTAug7.7-ZA3.95.8
Inflation, Final YY6:00AM ESTSep-1.5EU1.5-
Inflation Final MM6:00AM ESTSep-0.4EU0.3-
Industrial Production MM6:00AM ESTAug--EU0.1-
CPI YY6:00AM ESTSep0.2-IE0.4-
HICP MM6:00AM ESTSep-0.6-IE0.4-
CPI MM6:00AM ESTSep0.9-PT0-
CPI MM6:00AM ESTSep-0.6-IE0.4-
Industrial Production YY6:00AM ESTAug-2.5EU3.2-
CPI YY6:00AM ESTSep1.4-PT1.1-
Infl Ex Food & Energy YY6:00AM ESTSep-1.3EU1.3-
HICP YY6:00AM ESTSep0.2-IE0.4-
Manufacturing Output7:30AM ESTAug3.1-IN0.1-
Cumulative Ind. Output7:30AM ESTAug2.2-IN1.7-
Industrial Output YY7:30AM ESTAug-2.2IN1.2-
CPI MM8:00AM ESTSep0.4-NA0-
CPI YY8:00AM ESTSep5.6-NA5.4-
Consumer Price Index YY8:00AM ESTSep-3.8IN3.36-
CPI YY8:00AM ESTSep2.2-PL2.2-
CPI MM8:00AM ESTSep0.4-PL0.4-
PPI exFood/Energy MM8:30AM ESTSep--US0.1-
Initial Jobless Claims8:30AM EST--255US260-
New Housing Price Index8:30AM ESTAug--CA0.4-
PPI Final Demand MM8:30AM ESTSep0.40.4US0.2-
PPI ex Food/Energy/Tr MM8:30AM ESTSep--US0.2-
Jobless Claims 4-Wk Avg8:30AM EST-257.5-US268.25267
PPI Final Demand YY8:30AM ESTSep2.62.5US2.4-
PPI exFood/Energy YY8:30AM ESTSep2.22US2-
PPI ex Food/Energy/Tr YY8:30AM ESTSep2.1-US1.9-
Continued Jobless Claims8:30AM EST--1.94US1.94-
Cbank Wkly Reserves9:00AM EST-423.3-RU424-
Foreign Trade9:00AM ESTAug--RU3.97-
Industrial Output MM9:00AM ESTAug--MX-1-
Industrial Output YY9:00AM ESTAug-0.5-0.5MX-1.6-
Federal Budget,2:00PM ESTSep-6US-108-
CPI MM3:00PM ESTSep21.4AR1.5-
Manufacturing PMI5:30PM ESTSep57.5-NZ57.9-
Interest Rate6:00PM ESTOct--PE3.5-
Foreign Bond Investment7:50PM EST-89.2-JP-1014.1-
Foreign Invest JP Stock7:50PM EST-1235.3-JP953.3-
Motorbike Sales YY8:00PM ESTSep-1.7-ID5.2-
CPI YY8:00PM ESTSep25.18-AO26.9525.18
Imports YY8:00PM ESTSep--CN13.3-
Exports - USD8:00PM ESTSep28.61-IN23.82-
Trade Balance USD8:00PM ESTSep--CN41.9941.9
Imports - USD8:00PM ESTSep37.6-IN35.46-
Exports YY8:00PM ESTSep--CN5.55.6
GDP Advance YY8:00PM ESTQ3--SG2.9-
CPI YY8:00PM ESTSep3.2-BW3.4-
CPI MM8:00PM ESTSep2.14-AO1.59-
GDP Flash QQ8:00PM ESTQ3--SG2.2-
FDI (YTD)8:00PM ESTSep1.6-CN-0.2-
Non-Oil Exports MM8:30PM ESTSep-11-0.1SG4.54.2
Non-Oil Exports YY8:30PM ESTSep-1.112.7SG1716.7
GDP QQ SA10:00PM ESTQ3-1.7CN1.7-